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Kang Yatse II, the Western Summit of Kang Yatse, offers an exciting opportunity for those looking to step up from trekking peaks to semi- technical mountaineering. Situated at the head of the Markha Valley in Ladakh, this peak offers stunning panoramic views of the surrounding mountains, including K2, Broad Peak, and Gasherbrum Massif to the north, and Nun Kun and the Zanskar peaks to the west. Rated as Alpine PD, Kang Yatse II is just above the 20,000 feet barrier, making it a challenging but achievable climb for mountaineers and experienced trekkers alike. The journey to KY2 offers a beautiful route through the pastures of Thactungtse and Nimling, where colorful wildflowers can be seen in abundance. The trek also features the mystical Mani stones and refreshing Tigu lakes as major highlights. Summit day is grueling, as the ascent is filled with moraines and loose rocks, and the crevasses are covered with snow most of the time, requiring roping up for safety. Despite the challenges, the climb offers a well-balanced fusion of pleasure and challenge. The expedition to Kang Yatse II is a perfect opportunity for mountaineers looking to test their skills on a semi-technical peak, with stunning views of the surrounding mountains and the beautiful scenery of Ladakh.

  • Semi- technical mountaineering.
  • Find plenty of vibrant wildflowers along the scenic road that leads through the fields of Thactungtse and Nimling on the way to KY2.
  • Picturesque Tigu lakes.
  • Challenge yourself for new adventures.
  • Itinerary (Day Wise)
      ▪️ Leh can be reached only through Air during winter, Temperatures in Leh vary from -10 to -15 degrees in the winter months of January. 
      ▪️ It is important for the trekkers to plan their clothing even for the flight. As soon as you get down from the flight the cold wind will affect the people who are landing from lower altitudes. Hence you are required to plan your clothing in advance. 
      ▪️ Please ensure you wear thermals + winter jackets + woollen caps even while exiting the aircraft.
       ▪️ As per the new rules and regulation applied by Ladakh government authorities, anyone doing Chadar Trek should be at least spending three days in Leh to get your body fully acclimatized to weather condition here. It is strictly followed by every trekker. Stay in Hotel/homestay.
      •       Bus
      ▪️ Today rest and acclimatization day. Briefing and Acclimatization walk to Shanti Stupa/Leh Palace. Briefing about chadar trek, how to pack your backpack/rucksack. 
       ▪️ You can go for half day sightseeing and shopping in Leh market. 
       ▪️ Any high altitude places and pass is not allowed. Stay in Hotel/Homestay.
      •       Bus
      ▪️ The drive from Leh to Skiu is the perfect introduction to the general terrain we are about to enter for the next few days. The drive is smooth. 
       ▪️ The road goes through a flat and desolate plain alongside river Indus until we reach its confluence with the distinctly coloured Zanskar River in close to an hour and a half. 
       ▪️ In this short drive, we witness barren mountains of all shapes, forms and textures slabs of rock stacked one of top of the other neatly, chunks of rock resting on each other haphazardly, sheets of rock hard-pressed into each other, loose rocks, mountains made of mud, and much more.
      •       Bus
      •       Breakfast, Tea, Lunch, Dinner
    • DAY 4: SKIU TO MARKHA (16KM, 6/7 HRS, 12200FT)
      ▪️ Marka valley is a long extension of this parched feeling. Imagine walking in the harsh sun on wide, open lands with no respite from the heat in the form of shades from a tree, surrounded by mountains that look like they could come crumbling down at any point; they just aren't doing it out of the goodness of their hearts! This is Markha valley trek a civilization of mud, heat and insurmountable beauty of a peculiar kind. 
       ▪️ The trail today is easy and mostly straight with a few sections of ascent. The pointed rocky peaks, the poplar trees, and the muddy trail, they seem like a constant picture through which we walk for 5 days to get to the camp of Kang Yatse II - quiet and still. 
       ▪️ After setting up our camps in this campsite in the midst of the tall green grass with a backdrop of barren mountains, we go for the acclimatization walk in the evening. 
       ▪️ The rest of the day is to explore the setting and rest our weary selves.
      •       Breakfast, Tea, Lunch, Dinner
    • DAY 5: MARKHA TO LOWER HUNKAR (13KM, 7-8 HRS, 13400FT)
      ▪️ Today is not as long as yesterday but we still have to cover a lot of ground. The terrain remains fairly the same, with long patches of even land with a few ascents and descents along the way. reach our first river crossing. 
       ▪️ The water levels here are extremely unpredictable. Depending on the level of the water, you will either find yourself wading through waist deep current or cross the stream in a hop, skip and jump. lt is a clearing where large bushes end and the landscape opens up to views of mountains disappearing into each other. 
       ▪️ This is when you start climbing a little farther up from the river bed. 
       ▪️ While the trail misses an uneven terrain which can get monotonous at times, but constantly dipping your feet in icy water has a way of jolting you back to attention. 
       ▪️ There is a lot to explore around Hunkar on Our acclimatization walk later in the day. This is one walk you won't complain about!
      •       Breakfast, Tea, Lunch, Dinner
    • DAY 6: HUNKAR TO NIMALING (7KM, 4-5 HRS, 15800 FT)
      ▪️ We are gaining quite a bit of altitude today and there is also a lot of ground to cover, so we start as early as our previous days. we will reach Upper Hunkar - a small hamlet with houses nestled right in the middle of bright green fields bordered with flowers. 
       ▪️ Every village in this valley is adorned with prayer flags which add to the colour palette of the otherwise dichromatic color scheme. Also, you will find religious boulders called Mani stones in every village and on the trail between the many villages. 
       ▪️ The fields in every village form peculiar geometric patterns adding to the atypical aesthetic of the place. 
       ▪️ We circle around the village of Upper Hunkar to get to the other side and then turn left into the valley towards the side you start to see Kang Yatse. 
       ▪️ The terrain from here on to the campsite is mostly flat with a few humps. Keep a lookout for cute little rodents called pika which are extremely spry and plenty of marmots who zoom past your field of vision like a fast-moving bullet. We go for a short acclimatization walk in the evening!
      •       Breakfast, Tea, Lunch, Dinner
      ▪️ After the long days through Markha Valley, the trail to reach the base camp may not seem extremely demanding. 
      ▪️ We leave our sanctuary at Nimaling early in the morning to start off on our trek towards the basecamp. 
      ▪️ The trail gently slopes downhill from here on, till we get across the river to the other side which is the base of the mountain and also our camp for the day. 
      ▪️ We spend the rest of the day acclimatizing and getting comfortable with the thinning air of the altitude. 
      ▪️ Expect to reach in time for a hot lunch and get ready for a small acclimatization walk in the early hours of the evening, as is the ritual!
      •       Breakfast, Tea, Lunch, Dinner
      ▪️ Today is reserved for acclimatization to the altitude since we gained quite a bit of height the previous day and have also entered a much different terrain. 
      ▪️ We use this time to distribute equipment and gears required for the climb and also to practice basic techniques we will require on Our summit push tonight. 
      ▪️ After a late breakfast and equipment disbursement, we go to a nearby slope for training and to get comfortable with our equipment snow boots, ice axes and crampons. 
      ▪️ We will learn techniques and calls of roping up and ascending and descending on a snowy terrain. 
      ▪️ We also learn to use ice axe to facilitate our climb and for safety on such a crevasse-ridden terrain. We end the day early so that we can get optimum rest before our climb tonight.
      •       Breakfast, Tea, Lunch, Dinner
      ▪️ Today is THE day! We leave for our summit push between 11 PM and 12 AM. It is going to be a cold night and a very long day. 
      ▪️ We start climbing the slope to the right of Base Camp until we reach the top of the ridge. Although the trail is well marked, the terrain changes here to loose scree and moraine which gets slippery and needs to be traversed with caution. 
      ▪️ We keep climbing the ridge until reaching the ablation zone of the glacier from the north face of Kang Yatse II. 
      ▪️ After a short 100m climb up the moraine ridge, we rope up and enter the glacier. We will traverse the north face toward the northwest ridge while steadily climbing upwards. 
      ▪️ Once we climb around the northwest ridge, we climb straight above a rocky outcropping and follow the ridge to the summit. 
      ▪️ We should reach the top of the mountain between 7-8AM, wait there to soak in the majestic view and start to head back down. We should reach back to the safety of our tents on base camp well before the snow starts to get unstable and just in time for some hot lunch.
      •       Breakfast, Tea, Lunch, Dinner
    • DAY 10: BUFFER DAY
      ▪️ In case of bad weather or other difficulties, Day 10 is reserved for a second summit attempt. 
      ▪️ This will only get used if unexpected and unforeseeable conditions present themselves at the last minute preventing the first summit push.
      •       Breakfast, Tea, Lunch, Dinner
      ▪️ The thing about Kang Yatse is that all the days on this trek are long, as is today. 
      ▪️ Today we take a different route down to Leh, through Kongmaru La pass. 
      ▪️ The climb up to Kongmaru La pass is a few patches of steep incline between long distances of flat land rich in pikus and marmots. 
      ▪️ We reach the base of the pass from the base of the mountain in 3.5 hours after which there is a steep incline for half an hour to get to the top of the pass. 
      ▪️ From the pass, it is only descent on a narrow trail, through gorges and water crossings with the valley appearing and disappearing on every turn. 
      ▪️ It is 3.5 hours of up, down, sideway and any other direction you can think of to cross this section to get to the end point of Chokdo from where we begin our 3 hour drive to Leh.
      •       Bus
      •       Breakfast, Tea, Lunch, Dinner
      ▪️ The trek ends here but not before some celebration. If you plan to stay for a few more days to explore the wonders of Ladakh.

      Tour Information
      • Accommodation in Leh: Stay at specified hotels / homestay in Leh for 3 nights, Rooms on sharing basis. During the trek camping stay.
      • All meals during the trek only. Start from Day 3 lunch.
      • Excellent Trekking Guide, who will be a local to this particular area and has profound knowledge of the trekking trails around.
      • Transportation by mini bus/Tempo traveller for trek departure transfers. (From Leh hotel to Return Leh)
      • Technical equipment - Ropes, Helmet, Ice Axe, Crampons.
      • Mountaineering Boots
      • Camping equipment like Sleeping bag, Carry mattress, Kitchen tent, dinning tent and toilet tent as required during the trek.
      • Basic Medical & First Aid kit.
      • Facility of keeping extra luggage at Leh when leaving for trek.
      • Airfares.
      • Food during stay in Leh
      • Porter to carry personal luggage.
      • Insurance, Inner line permit fee, Wildlife/environmental charges, Altoa and entry fees.
      • Any kind of personal expenses.
      • Any kind of emergency evacuation charges.
      • IMF Fee. For Indians: INR 3500 for upto six participants ( INR 3500 for 1 to 6 participants & INR 7000 for 7 to 12 participants). For Indians this fee is divided equally amongst the participants. For foreigners: INR 4000 per participant. This fee needs to be paid in Leh.
      • Please carry sufficient cash.
      • Buffer day cost.
      • Any additional cost due to the final decision incurred by the administrative.
      • Anything not specifically mentioned under the inclusion.


      Package Name


      Kids Discount

      Group Discount

      Leh to Leh


      Region - Ladakh.

      Duration - 11 days (Leh to Leh)

      Grade - Difficult.

      Max Altitude - 6250 Mtr.

      Approx Trekking KM - 82 KM.

      Fixed Date - 7 to 17th Aug 2024.

      NOTE - 5 % GST will be applicable on the base cost 52000/-


      Day 1 - Arrive in Leh . Reporting day. (Altitude 11400 ft)

      Day 2 - Rest and Acclimatization day.

      Day 3 - Leh to Skiu.

      Day 4 - Skiu to Markha Village.

      Day 5 - Markha village to Lower Hunkar.

      Day 6 - Lower Hunkar to Nimaling.

      Day 7 - Nimaling to Kang Yatse base camp.

      Day 8 - Rest and training day at base camp.

      Day 9 - Base camp to summit Kang Yatse II to base camp.

      Day 10 - Basecamp to Leh via Kongmaru La Pass.

      Day 11 - Departure from Leh.

      Day 12 - Buffer day.


      This list includes the layers you should bring to ensure you’re warm during the climate fluctuations of the Himalayan region, gear to make your trek accessible and comfortable, and supplies to help you have the best experience possible.


      • Moisture-wicking long-sleeve t-shirts (2)
      • Moisture-wicking short-sleeve t-shirt (1)
      • Heavy fleece or down jacket
      • Gortex or waterproof jacket with hood
      • Windbreaker
      • Rain poncho
      • Fleece pants
      • Trekking pants (2)
      • Hiking shorts (1)
      • Waterproof pants
      • Hiking socks (10)
      • Warm thermal socks (1)
      • Long underwear (2)
      • Underwear (10)
      • Hiking boots with ankle support
      • Camp shoes or tennis shoes
      • Light inner gloves/glove liners
      • Insulated wool or down mittens/gloves
      • Sunglasses
      • Broad-brimmed hat
      • Neck gaiter or bandana (for sun protection)
      • Wool hat or balaclava (should cover ears)
      • Gaiters (needed Dec-Feb)
      • Sweatshirt (optional)
      • Sock liners (optional)

      Trekking Gear & Supplies

      • Duffle bag for carrying gear via porters (provided by Himalayan Wonders if you’re trekking with us)
      • 40L Daypack for carrying what you need on the trail.
      • Waterproof cover for daypack.
      • Water bottles or hydration bladder (i.e. CamelBak)
      • Sleeping bag rated to -18°C/ 0°F.
      • Trekking poles.
      • Headlamp with extra batteries.
      • Hand warmers.
      • Travel pillow or pillowcase.
      • Sleeping bag stuff sack.
      • Drybags in several sizes.
      • Stuff sacks for dirty clothes/shoes.
      • Camera with extra batteries and memory cards.
      • Small lock(s) for duffle bag and daypack.
      • Sleeping bag liner (optional).
      • Quick-drying trekking towel (optional).

      Food & Snacks

      • Snacks (combine protein & carbs for well-balanced energy).
      • Thermos (optional for hot beverages).
      • Re-hydration gels or powder.


      • Sunscreen.
      • Lip balm with sunscreen.
      • Toilet Paper.
      • Moleskin, medical tape, and/or duct tape for treating/preventing blisters.
      • Advil or Ibuprofen.
      • Personal prescriptions.
      • Antibiotics (Cipro for travelers’ diarrhea).
      • Anti-chafe balm (e.g. Body Glide, to prevent chafing).
      • Diaper rash cream (Can treat rashes or chaffing).
      • Soap.
      • Deodorant.
      • Toothbrush/toothpaste.
      • Razor (as needed).
      • Shampoo.
      • Wet wipes.
      • Hand sanitizer.
      • Feminine hygiene products (as needed).
      • Face lotion.
      • Hairbrush.
      • Hair ties.
      • Earplugs (for sleeping).

      Additional Supplies

      • Portable solar charger/power bank.
      • Book.
      • Journal/pen.
      • Playing cards.


      How to Book

      • You can book the seat by paying 30- 50% for the tour amount.
      • You can transfer the amount to the below account number
      • Name - TEAM RAAHI TREKKERS & Outdoors Pvt Ltd.
      • ACCOUNT NUMBER - 5245312314
      • IFSC CODE - KKBK0001803
      • PhonePe/Gpay/PayTM UPI – raahitrekkers@kotak.

      • Please contact us on the below number for more details, Raahi Outdoors- 9699872996

      Cancellation Policy

      • Minimum cancellation is 10% or INR 3000 whichever maximum per person per tour.
      • 25% between 45-30 days before tour departure.
      • 50% between 30-15 days before tour departure.
      • 75% between 15-05 days before tour departure 100% on the same day & no show & 05 days remaining.
      • In case, the tour is cancelled due to any kind of lockdown restrictions your paid amount shall be carry forwarded to any of our future treks or tour

      Payment Policy

      • 1st instalment - 30% at the time of booking the seat.
      • 2nd instalment - 30 days prior to tour 40% payment.
      • 3rd instalment - 29 - 15 days prior to the tour 20% payment.
      • Final instalment - 15 days prior to the tour 10% payment.


      If this trek/tour is cancelled due to Covid Lockdown or natural calamity

      • In case the tour gets cancelled because of local lockdown or natural phenomena or any other reason beyond our control, we shall arrange for alternative treks or tours to a different place. In case, due to Government lockdown restrictions, we are unable to continue with any of the plans, your only tour amount will be refunded and your travel amount will be refunded as per the travel operator's standard refund process. If the participant is unwilling to go for the alternative tour/trek, there would be no refund or voucher issued for this tour. All the services have to be arranged beforehand and cannot be shifted to any other date.
      • No show and tour changes/cancellations due to bad weather or natural calamity will be nonrefundable.No money shall be refunded in case a person is rescued and brought back to the base camp before the said date.
      • If the travellers need to return before the trip ends, they shall have to bear all the expenses for accommodation and meals at their respective or any other place. The services on the tour are arranged for even if they go unused.

      In Case of Injury / Casualty

      • If any traveller feels unwell and has to be brought back to the base camp, all the charges, including the rescue fees, medication, Ambulance / Transport, accommodation apart from the scheduled itinerary, Meals or any other medical or Miscellaneous expenses will have to be borne by the traveller.
      • P.S. We are only liable to offer the services mentioned as per the itinerary and inclusions

      Unused Services

      • We shall not offer or pay any discounts or refunds for missed or unused services which were missed or unused by the client due to no fault of ours, or our representatives, which shall include any termination of the client’s participation in the tour product due to the client’s own fault, negligence or breach of these terms.


      • Any extra transfers required during the tour will be charged extra.
      • For room sharing, in case you have opted for double sharing and we don't have any partner to share, your accommodation will be done in triple sharing 
      • Anything that is explicitly not mentioned in the inclusions and optional as suggested in the itinerary, is not a part of this package.
      • Images shown about the place, city, hotel, attractions, etc. are for illustration purposes only and may not be the same as those linked to the itinerary or services provided.
      • Cost and consequences arising due to any force major situations including but not limited to unforeseen circumstances like; natural calamities, political disturbances, health issues, flight delays / Cancellations, things beyond our control, etc. will have to be borne by the guest.
      • Airport transfers and coach tours are based on all guests travelling together on the same flight, any additional transfers will not be provided if guests travel on different airlines.
      • There will be additional charges for the passengers who would like to stay back at the destination or transit.
      • If you are carrying gifts, brochures, standees, placards, t-shirts, stationery, backdrops, laptops, projector, snacks or any such items for distribution purposes, then it is the sole discretion of customs authority or regulations.
      • Duties or gratuities, if any will be payable by the guest/corporate only.
      • Allowing excess luggage is subject to the airline's approval, if any such charges will be payable by guest/corporate only.
      • Any changes in itinerary or upgrade in hotel /s will be charged extra, over and above the given cost (which will be informed to the customer in advance for final acceptance and payment.



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